About us

Connectuity is a contracting and consulting firm focused on wireless networking, networking security, and the internet of things.  Our group of developers have strong experience in writing firmware for every kind of wireless device: small embedded devices connecting to the internet, bluetooth low energy sensors and gateways, zigbee home automation, zigbee smart energy, 6LowPAN, WiFi, Z-Wave, writing wireless drivers and test suites, security consulting and more.  We also have extensive experience in creating your own cloud connection for your devices.

We have been working with networking firmware for 12 years now and stay up to date in this fast growing field by actively participating in shaping the industry through it’s many standards organizations: IEEE, Zigbee Alliance, Bluetooth SIG, WiFi Alliance, Thread Group, Allseen Alliance, and more.  Our team can help you get your product connected in many ways ranging from creating an entire product line of certified wireless modules, writing firmware for your connected devices, creating specifications and helping you put together data models, security consulting, and representing your company to shape the connected industry.  

Work We Have Done

Our team is always participating in industry events to keep up to date with the latest and greatest technologies.

Members of our team won 3rd place over all at the AT&T Car and Home Hackathon by creating a system that allowed a GE Dryer to send you “end of cycle” notifications to your Android smart watch and then control that dryer with voice commands through the same watch using Android Wear APIs.


Wireless Firmware

Whether your project is WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, or any other wireless protocol our staff has the experience to make your product a success.  We provide many different kinds of services for your firmware development needs from writing and managing the entire wireless product line, consulting specifications or designs, consulting security implementations, creating product test equipment, or whatever else your project may need.  Our team has experience with many different platforms, software languages, and operating systems to make sure your design is perfectly fit for your needs.  

Cloud Connection

Get your device connected to the internet and get real time data pushed to your mobile or web apps from your devices.  Our team has extensive knowledge in setting up your cloud infrastructure for efficient real time data and data storage / access.  We can help you set up your existing cloud servers or you can use our cloud with a complete support package  and leave your engineers to do their real jobs, making your products better than everyone elses.

RF Hardware Support

Radio Frequency design has been popularized as “black magic” for quite some time.  Let us help you design a reliable efficient radio that will pass certifications testing with out any effort from your team.  We will lead the entire certifications process for F.C.C. and C.E. qualification and get your product to market months faster with a radio design of your own.

Security Consulting

No one wants their product to be on the front page of every tech site showing all of their security holes that they did not catch before production launch.  We have many penetration test services that we can use to perform assessments on your devices and infrastructure before they go out the door.  Our security test harness is always updated with every new hole and bug found and we can test them all to make sure your product is not vulnerable to any known issues.  We can also help you evaluate your system and infrastructure before you start designing your products by consulting with you on your designs up front.  


Alljoyn Module

This module is a fully FCC certified module that has a simple serial interface to your product to allow you easy Alljoyn implementation on your product. 

Thread Border Router and Gateway

One of the first in the industry, a Thread border router that you can connect to your home router and give all of your Thread devices access to the internet. With an easy to use web interface for configuring your Thread border router, you will be up and running quickly with very little learning curve. We are offering this device as an ODM device to manufacturers wanting to brand a Thread border router for their company.


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